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Animal and human skin was used to wrap the body in the place of clay. Have you eaten freshly-caught sea food washed down with a glass of the best Chilean Sauvignon Blanc wine whilst admiring the changing colours of the sun as it sets majestically behind the vast Pacific Ocean on a warm summers evening?

However, during the months of December and January in the highlands it can sometimes be cold, even during the day.

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Film, batteries, memory cards, supplies for contact lenses and shaving devices are all more expensive in Guatemala, and sometimes difficult to find. Shampoo in hotels is usually quite strong.

If you have done none of the above, or very few, then Chile will offer you truly amazing life-awakening sights and experiences all found in one country that you will find difficult to get anywhere else in the World.

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Maybe you love your wine? They hope to determine the technical feasibility and scientific value of a mission that searches for evidence of life on Mars.

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In Chile you can see many volcanoes, including active ones and climb to the summit in both the north and southern regions especially close to San Pedro de Atacama, Villarica Volcano at Pucon and Osorno Volcano near Puerto Varas. A ribbon of land 4, km long and only km wide at its widest point, cut off by the Andes mountains to the east and the Pacific ocean to the west and, thankfully, still undeveloped apart from Santiago wich is very modern.

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This also applies if you want to purchase something from street vendors or in markets. Chile is a magical wilderness, a safe country to visit and where, if you go to the right places you will feel "alive" possibly for the first time in your life, so let us show you an amazing country - come and experience Chile.

Credit cards are accepted in most hotels and quality restaurants, but only in more up-market stores. Because it is known as the 'driest place on earth', Yungay has been a favourite place for astrobiology studies over the last two decades.

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You can also see the universe through astronomical observatories in a number of locations in its northern Chile Atacama desert region. Ecologically speaking, at the time of the Chinchorro culture the region was relatively stable. Untill I saw your examples, I couldnt figure out why I wasnt getting any respondses.

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