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One thing that I have noticed since seeing Craigslist vancouver wa dating I know my life has a purpose, and that the I am now very happily married with a loving husband and beautiful toddler, and the It really makes me smile and touches my human heart.

I felt this way even despite having a loving, wonderful husband and beautiful child, a fantastic family and a great job. I also feel blessed to have this life experience and grateful for the love and light that I feel surrounded with.

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This will happen when my creator so determines. Blessings, love and light to you.

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I initially felt lonely as my friends were not seeing the In the meantime, I want to love and care for people as much as I can, and also tell more open minded people that there is a much greater reality than that which we see through our limited human eyes and human experience.

During this time I felt loved, guided and protected, and moved on from an unhappy relationship making some great decisions. I also became irritated by trivial talk or people complaining about minor things when I felt we were all put on this earth for a much greater purpose.

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I have a heightened sense of love and compassion for others, even strangers. I am an educated and rational type of person, so I do not discuss my I do however have a couple of close friends open minded and spiritual and my immediate family that I have told. I too have done much research on the net and read a few However, I now know that there are many other people out there just like me having exactly the same experience and that we humans are all at varying levels of our spiritual journey and some people are yet to tap into their spiritual side.

I have definately experienced a heightened feeling or knowing when I can and cannot trust someone, and always feel loved, guided and protected by a ever present spirit guide or force.

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I am more interested in the spiritual realm and feel that man-made religions do not reflect our much greater reality this I feel but is it is so hard to put in words. I too have felt like I am living inside a Matrix I use that word tooin that what we see in our earthly lifetime experience is only a small part of a much greater reality that is beyond our limited human comprehension.

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I no longer have the degree of yearning to be home and appreciate and love my human life that I am currently living. I do feel that I am a lightworker, and that there is a reason for me seeing I also feel sadness that religion is responsible for dividing people worldwide.

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I am happy to hear you too have been blessed with this When I first starting seeing I knew this was associated with the