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The human resources department should have some input into the decision as it relates to staff behavior. Not seen as equals? Restrictions on workplace romance and consensual relationship policies.

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J Law Med Ethics. Jan 5, '05 by z's playa Quote from bsnrnoh I hope not as far as Vt dating joomla work environment.

Whatever bizarro world this is, I'm glad I don't work there. Jan 5, '05 by z's playa Quote from bsnrnoh true, I guess I concentrated more on the ethics of nursing as in bedside nursing and accountability and not intimate relationships as I was married during school also.

First, is the zero-tolerance policy necessary to achieve this goal? Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations; vol 7: Have been married my entire nursing career so I have never bothered to look at work policies on dating.

Resemblance to real events or to names of people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Nurses dating doctors is a hot-button issue with real-life repercussions.

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Jan 5, '05 by z's playa Quote from bobnurse She was a patient for a week or so, and i think he started dating her the last few days she was there.

Unless it was in conjunction with violence. Rhodes should pursue a third option, like consensual-relationship contracts.

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Make sure that viewpoint is heard and respected before moving forward, or you could be heading for real heartbreak—both personally and professionally. Will the zero-tolerance policy effectively reduce or eliminate these five harms?

Rhodes to show that his policy meets these criteria. On the other hand, if one sees this primarily as a business ethics question, the harm might outweigh the good; the employee, employer, or customer might come first depending on the scenario [7].

This framework offers neither infallibility nor certainty, but an approach to delving deeper into the complex moral issues of a difficult case.

When you engage in that romance, be prepared for gossip from coworkers, unhappy supervisors and possibly a damaged professional reputation. Are you simply sleeping your way to the top or creating an actionable hostile work environment?: Rhodes might also need the approval of Dating in hospitals medical executive committee or a similar body that governs the medical staff.

Pava M, Primeaux P, eds. For one thing, in what universe do people who know each other not greet each other when they meet in public? I slept with my history profressor once, when I was 20, young and cute after the class ended.

As far as dating amongst nurses These companies take various approaches to the topic. Quote from EllaLo Frankly, as the wife of a young surgeon, I'm annoyed by the unrequited intimacy nurses feel for my husband. Why do we feed the trolls?

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Ethics in Mental Health Research. This thread was about dating patients Even though a definitive answer cannot be given here, Dr. The second criterion is effectiveness. Last edit by Tweety on Jan 5, '05 5 0 Jan 5, '05 by begalli We have a couple of RN's on our unit who fell for each other.

It is not possible to answer this Parents spend less time with children essay definitively until the policy is applied, since Dating in hospitals answer depends on empirical evidence.

He doesn't know who they are, he certainly doesn't know their names, but they approach us at hospital functions and seem to be up-to-date on personal details of our lives asking us about our wedding, when we're going to have kids.

Justifying decisions when values clash. Even in this framing of the situation, though, there are legal limits to the infringement of employee autonomy in the name of patient safety.