vintage lamp cord. vintage lamp cord.

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Look at the wiring as a clue to the age and the lamp's maker. This latter configuration was preferred by all of the other manufacturers, who added on their own Dating lamps by cord pulls in the shape of balls, tassels, bells and the like.

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Aroundmanufacturers switched over to injected plastic, which is thinner, lighter and retains a glossier surface. All subsequent changes to the pull-chain socket basically paralleled those to the turn-key style.

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These details help give Amoory dating chat clues about the lamp's manufacturer and the age. InBryant came up with the idea of replacing the bead on the socket tube with a ring of fine threads that would accept accept their new screw-on "UNO" shade fitter.

Cotton-wrapped wires mean an older lamp, but owners typically repair or replace wiring.

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Search for manufacturing clues on the lampshade, if the lamp has one. Examine the overall condition of the lamp.

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It might not meet the traditional definition of years old to claim status as an antique, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth a fortune as a collectible. Warning Don't throw away old bulbs, finials or lamp shades attached to your lamp.

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Don't assume, however, that the base and shade came as a pair. Up until around the time that Edison's screw base was accepted as the industry standard, there was very little need for plugs, because electric use was generally limited to hanging fixtures and sconces, which were "hard" wired and did not need to be plugged in.

Determining the worth of any lighting fixture means taking a good look at some obvious clues and doing a bit of research to estimate the value.

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The lamp you use daily might also be a valuable item. Inspect each part of the lamp carefully before making any decisions about value.

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