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Shane, lying on her side, her hand on my ass beneath the silky fabric of her old Free City t-shirt, the one I love to sleep in: And Amherst dating had it up to his auged-out eyeballs.

Something quick and feverish and honest passes between them.

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The briefs, like fear and inhibitions, are in play only briefly. Annabeth watches him until he's turned the corner before moving back to the window and finally scrutinizing her date.

Couldn't bear to say, 'in a tube'. To most, AUG's are what allow normal livelyhood to those who need it.

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I like to watch her too, it turns out. This story takes place in December A short love story between two well known characters.

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Not part of my current WiP in any way. Four years you two have been dancing around each other and that's how you tell me?

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I have my whole hand on the back of her head, fingers all up in her ridiculous hair, and I give her scalp an animal scratch while she makes a pouty face and Carmen laughs more. I say I promise. Feel Shane breathing beside me. Especially when she knew she could never have him.

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