Dating with Lyme Dating with Lyme

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Sadly, this means they may never express who they truly are.

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There are good people out there Within the next week I met my now-fiance. I struggle just to maintain the few social outings with the few friendships that I currently have, so I barely get any opportunities to meet new people that I could potentially date.

I agree with what Betty and singfreebird say: I'm not the kind of person Uncle paul dating brandi likes sharing private details of my dating life, but I've come to a breaking point I guess.

I sometimes go to the St. It isn't gone but like most of the other symptoms has gotten better. Once I realized the amount of pain I had to endure in order to get through this treatment I decided it wasn't a good idea to even try looking.

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But he loved me, and I guess that was enough for him. Fingers crossed Post edited by: If a woman doesn't want to be with you because of the Lyme, she probably wouldn't stick with you through harder things anyways.

I know that being around someone when the symptoms come on hard is very difficult to take for both. I have met healthy, beautiful people who have body image issues, insecurities, petty values and fear of judgment from others.

It will take that special person. I've lived with Lyme for a majority of my life, and of course it's a lonely disease. I never thought that was a lyme thing though.

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And this applies to healthy people, too. It just hasn't been your moment yet, and you haven't met the right woman. Bettyg VIP Member 11 years on site posts hi picc i was sick from age 21 to now; I cannot stand being close to a significant other all the time.

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I actually found out at one point that a friend that was going to help set me up didn't think Dating facial recognition of the women would like me, because I have Lyme.

Piccoli, don't beat yourself up. Yes, not likely since I am the female and transmission to a male is low. The only thing that needs to be there at the very least is self-love.

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I've learned to not just tell people right off the bat that I have Lyme and to wait until the timing is more appropriate, but the results are always the same. I have been for over 30 years.

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You still have to eventually meet the person face to face and go out a few times to see if you like one another, but again, this takes a lot of effort, for me. So as most of us know, dating can take a lot of energy and effort in order to find someone worth seeing.

We humans like to compare ourselves to ideals. And by the way, not everyone is compatible. I've found that after treatment much of the 'difficulty' has eased.

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I learned things I wouldn't have otherwise. Even so, it would be a very special person for me to tollerate being close to all of the time. And I'm sorry if this just looks like a rant, but I don't know where else to say any of this.

My friend has her own health problems that, like Lyme, are misunderstood.