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Coral and other marine species have been taken for commercial and craft purposes, as well as by fishermen. The liquid is protected by a reclining chacmoolwho is speaking. The stairway to the temple is adorned on the sides with frets, which are called xicalcoliuhqui.

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The false stairs were originally adorned with scroll motifs done in blue and yellow paint, but very little remains. Other popular dishes include arroz a la tumbada, a rice dish baked with a variety of seafood and caldo de mariscos, a seafood soup reputed to cure hangovers.

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The friezes running along the upper edges of the court are composed of interlocking scroll figures, each containing a central element of a head and an eye. The deteriorated north central panel shows two cross-legged figures facing each other. Two of these ballcourts contain sculpted panels which depict the ball game and its ritual significance.

In the morning, they frequent sidewalk cafes for their morning coffee. The central panels depict the gods responding or performing a ritual of Dating veracruz own.

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The figure seems to be an allegorical representation of a seated figure with a severed upper torso and a skull for a head.

The Chrstian dating reef covers about hectares and varies in depth between sixty and ninety centimeters, forming a natural break.

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Sixteen were confirmed dead with another eleven missing. These frets were probably painted blue as they were on other buildings, where remains of paint have been found. To lighten the load and to bind the layers of cement, pumice stones and pottery shards were mixed into the cement.

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The three figures are all dressed in Kz tandingan exclusively dating garments and symbols of the ballgame.

The entire exterior of the building is covered in stepped frets, with these frets arranged to give the appearance as niches. The island is part of a system of twenty-three coral reefs called the Veracruz Reef Systemwhich is protected as a national park.

When the city fell, most of the sculptures in this area were smashed or defaced with some being reused as building Dating veracruz. Some of the events include musical concerts, experiencing a temazcaltheatrical events and visiting El Tajin at night, with a total over 5, activities.

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Two participants are standing in the center of the court with speech scrolls emerging from their mouths.