Samsonite Antique & Vintage Luggage Samsonite Antique & Vintage Luggage

Dating vintage samsonite luggage. How to clean a vintage samsonite suitcase.

Use the damp cloth to wipe away all of the dirt and dust that has been collecting on your suitcase.

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The history of vintage bags and trunks reveals a world far different than that found on today's jumbo jets. Once you have wiped off all dirt and dust, wipe your suitcase down with a dry clean cloth.

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Be careful if you want to clean old Matchmaking de_cache - you may discolor it permanently. Rubylane frequently offers stunning cases, some including original accessories. Now rub your damp, soapy cloth over your suitcase.

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How To Clean A Vintage Samsonite Suitcase

Pour a little olive oil on a clean, dry cloth and rub it into the leather. The Jenny Lind trunk was "loaf shaped" when seen from the side, and was often decorated with metal bracings, leather coverings and fancy locks. In recent decades, Samsonite has become well-known for its hardshell luggage, with programmable locks offering security.

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Apply a little pressure to get the really tough stains. Samsonite has been at the forefront of "branding", using the gorilla in a notable advertising campaign in which a gorilla attacked, stamped on, and dragged around an American Tourister case.

An example is a set of four small vintage Samsonite suitcases offered for sale in October by Specialists of the South Inc. Was this page useful? If the luggage has an odor, try putting fresh not used ground coffee in the suitcase, close the case and let it sit for a day for a day or two to remove the smell.

Guide For Collectors Notable brands produced under the Samsonite label include the American Tourister, which is aimed at the lower-cost end of the market, and was originally made by Astrum, which was later acquired by Samsonite.

These trunks were solid and protected a traveler's belongings fairly well, withstanding the dings and bangs caused by busy porters.