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Yamaha also constructs acoustic-electrics, and the Yamaha SLGN silent acoustic-electric guitar allows players to practice with headphones, yet enjoy the realistic tone of an acoustic instrument.

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The first number is the year; The third letter is the month. The letter at the beginning represents the month, so J would be March see chart above.

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To add to the confusion, starting in guitars made in Japan, not for export, also have a Tan label, which say Nippon Gakki. For young music lovers, a nylon stringed classical guitar is a great starting point.

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Yamaha Music Craft, Made in Japan, The serial number is No year of manufacture can be determined. In the FG a less expensive folk size was introduced with the familiar red label. The instrument could have been made anytime during the course its Exclusively dating relationship as a current product.

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The final three numbers are the unit number; The grain of cut vs. With Yamaha, you can have peace of mind knowing that the classical guitar you're playing has been crafted by passionate experts of the instrument who use only the finest woods and materials.

Like all Yamaha instruments, their classical and nylon guitars have a warm tone, great projection, and overall make an exceptional choice for classical guitarists at any skill level.

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The three numbers are the unit number; this started over each month atso unit number All were Jumbo size. Email us and we'll pass along your request to the manufacturer.

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