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Dominion power hook up fee, support & contact: dominion power phone number look up

A news story stated that a pole on Courthouse Rd was weak and just broke I hope I will never have to deal with them again.

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We explained the situation and are promptly told things such as: She checked the status of our outage area and said that there was a team on the way. The initial charges for trash and recycling services will be prorated daily for the first billing quarter. There was a technical outage in my building.

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We found out about this charge and scheduled a payment within 20 minutes. Assuming everything was taken care of since I didn't receive any additional emails, physical letters, calls, charges, etc, we went about our business. We have been without power for almost an entire day, which means that our brand new food in the fridge is unfit for consumption.

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This company is the worst I have ever seen! We may place a lien against the property if there are any unpaid fees or charges for water services for the property.

The telephone service is just as bad; rude, no information and talk like robots.

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Its said because the stakeholders could care less about the person behind the late payment or who has to sit in the dark, its all about money.

However, as Dating advice for over 30 existing customer they have terrible customer service.

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Frequent power outages due to their equipment! Be prepared to have your power disconnected in hot summer night because the bill due date was different from the e-bill I get in the e-mail. Customer Service is normally rude and nonchalant about it as if it's normal to not have complete services rendered when paid on time each month.

They do not send disconnect notices and will not make it a priority to reconnect.

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This company is a perfect example of no customer support. When I asked him if he could give me an approximate time for when someone would be out to turn the power back on today, he gave some spiel about how they can't tell us exact times in case they run late, yada, yada, yada.

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Buscar en nuestros sitios web Start or Stop Service Need help understanding your utility bill? You can setup a Water Only account for irrigation.

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However about 70 minutes later, we had power restored. Great freaking service guys. If I owe them the money, I need to pay them the money.

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Well - this means I will have 2 months paid in full. But - when I saw the actual bill, it showed that there was a credit.

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