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The girls compare notes Thus fuelled, the hope is that a few wines or beers inside will help unleash a steady stream of witty chat-up lines and flirty banter with which to dazzle would-be suitors.

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In the workshops, team strengths and areas to improve are identified; followed by looking to develop strategies that utilize the strengths each individual can bring to the table. Speed-dating is a brilliant way to bring people together, and maybe ignite a spark or two.

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Want to know more? The anticipation was akin to what online daters might feel before meeting a date in person, although their nerves were somewhat alleviated by the participants having already met in disguise.

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In the same way that dating app users can control their appearance online, this anonymity enabled attendees to converse with their partners without feeling self-conscious about their looks. Here's to love, anyway! Learning how to work well with others is the key to a successful team.

Posted by Brooke Powell December 4, 6: Leading by Example 5.

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A horn sounds and another three minutes are up - so it's all change! For each new prospective partner you meet you fill in a form indicating your interests and whether you'd be interested in meeting again.

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Tonight we'll be working our way through 30 men - but they and we only get three minutes' to make a good impression. The Fast Lane Speed Training camps are carefully prepared and structured in conjunction with team goals leading into their season.

There is discussion on areas of improvement, and how we can turn them into strengths.

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Competitive Greatness in You 3. For more details see the Smart dating website. Older adults who have lost spouses or friends are at an increased risk for health problems associated with loneliness and isolation, which can quickly lead to depression.

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As we gather in a wine bar the sexes furtively eye each other up and gulp down a dose or two of Dutch courage - some at top speed the hurry, hurry atmosphere is infectious!

Inthe documentary The Age of Love followed thirty people, age seventy and up, on their adventures in speed-dating.

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The evening is organised with military precision. Participants ranked their top five choices of partners after several rounds of quick chatting, and a computer algorithm identified matches from the choices selected.

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She'll find out if the speed dating evening's organisers send her his e-mail address later this week They've had enough of the same old dating scene and have taken matters into their own hands. Just click on the link below.

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The next speed dating events for 20s and 30s in Cheltenham are at Residence in Montpellier on Thursday, February 12 and Thursday March 11 at 7. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites.