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At the glacial maximum at about 18 BP, annual average temperatures were about 6 d4egrees Celsius lower than today, glaciers extended down to only metres above sea level and the treeline was depressed by at least metres.

In Januarythe first rock art was found in southwest Tasmania, in the Maxwell River valley which runs parallel and about 12 kilometres to the east of the Franklin, during the first archaeological survey of this rugged region led by Ranson.

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Allen has equated the glacial Tasmanian climate with alpine areas above metres in the Victorian Alps today, such as Mount Hotham at metres, although probably with much shorter summers.

Haemoglobin crystals are like fingerprints; the shape and growth rate of the haemoglobin crystals of each animal species are unique. This find proves the ice age antiquity in Australia What to say on online dating email hand stencils and, by implication, of rock painting.

None of these are extinct animals, but the wombat, native cat and bandicoot are not found in more recent sites and were absent from Hunter Island in historic times.

The Darwin crater lies about 70 kilometres to the south. From tothe number of religious young adults has reduced by over half. Cosgrove's excavation of Parmepar Meethaner funded by the Tasmanian forest Research council has revealed a continuous sequence from about 34 to BP.

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Some of the hand stencils are stunningly clear, standing out in a vivid red against the pale grey dolomite wall: More than fifty Pleistocene sites have been found in southwest Tasmania, in an area of about by 80 kilometres, or around 13 square kilometres.

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Allen and Jones see the change as a 'climate-driven' response to the changing environment, and draw attention to the early abandonment of Kutikina Cave some 14 years agoby far the lowest of these cave sites at only 40 metres above sea level, and therefore the first to be affected by the encroaching rainforest.

He had also argued that most of the Pleistocene sites would have been coastal, since during the height of the last glacial period extensive ice sheets covered the central highlands, and much of the present island of Tasmania was treeless and inhospitable.

It has been suggested that these ice age bone points were used as awls or reamers for making fur cloaks. Stone flakes and animal bones were noticed on the cave floor, but the cave's discoverers did not realise their significance.

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These have proved his predictions correct. In any case, masterminded relational unions are receiving less much less prominent under western culture.

Boat Harbour Beach is notable for its fine white sands which have been weathered from the quartzite rocks which are common along this section of the coastline. The economy of these ice age hunters in southwestern Tasmania is more highly structured than anywhere else in Australia.

This seems to be the first time that blood has been biochemically identified as present in rock art anywhere in the world. At the time there were no roads. The high-energy collision melted the rocks around the collision point, forming glass.

Whilst some archaeologists emphasis similarities and others differences between past societies, all agree that there are no ethnographic parallels for Tasmanian Pleistocene culture, even in Holocene Tasmania.

There it seemed that stone tools were associated with the bones of extinct fauna about 20 years ago, but it now appears that the megafauna dates from much earlier about 40 years according to aspartic acid racemisation datesand the artefacts and fauna are not contemporary.

At that time of year, Pleistocene highland hunters may have had to exist largely on red-necked wallaby and the occasional emu egg. In the lower layers between about 19 and 17 BP, 99 percent of the artefacts are quartzite, but around 17 BP there is a change in dominant raw material to 99 percent milky quartz.

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The contents of this midden are similar to those from the lowest levels of rocky Cape south, excavated by Rhys Jones and dated to around years old. They have been found in small numbers in all the excavated sequences of southwest Tasmania, except in the most southeasterly site, ORS 7.

Only a few pieces of animal bone had been modified, but there were pieces of animal bone in all, which tell us a great deal about the hunters' diet, environment and way of life.

Some of these patches are several metres across.