HIV & AIDS Information :: Condoms and lubricants - Do condoms work? HIV & AIDS Information :: Condoms and lubricants - Do condoms work?

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A meta-review found that condoms appeared to offer some protection, but it was impossible to quantify because of the variability of studies. The best estimate we have is that using condoms more than three-quarters of the time halves the chance of acquiring HSV-2, and may reduce the chances of genital infection with the Gay dating site durban sore virus HSV-1 too.

Effectiveness of condoms in preventing HIV transmission. A longitudinal study of human immunodeficiency virus transmission by heterosexual partners. To that end, our dedicated Customer Care team manually checks all new profiles, approves all photos, and removes inactive accounts; ensuring that our members are both genuine and actively seeking a lasting relationship.

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A low incidence of breakage was reported for both condom types during appropriate use. In a subsequent re-analysis of the same data, 33 the researchers found that a higher level of condom use was protective for both sexes.

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The next problem is deciding what kind of study provides truly reliable evidence. A small review of condom efficacy and anal sex 22 found two studies amongst gay men and one amongst women that gave some indication of the relative effectiveness of condom use in anal sex.

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A third kind of study is to conduct a retrospective cohort study, asking people about their condom use and contrasting HIV and STI prevalence in users and non-users.

In addition, the investigators noted that consistent condom use was associated with a similar reduction in the risk of becoming infected with a strain of HPV known to be associated with potentially cancerous changes to cells in the cervix.

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Consistent condom users had half as many cases of gonorrhoea or chlamydia as non-users — again, broadly in line with other studies. Bulletin of the World Health Organization Or rather, in anal sex, as this is the transmission behaviour in question?

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Laboratory studies and product testing have shown that reputable condoms tested in the laboratory are completely impermeable to micro-organisms as small as viruses. The NIAID review first determined the risks of exposure to semen due to condom breakage and found that this, given that breakage is quite rare, was a low risk: Sexually Transmitted Diseases 33 4: Syphilis The only other STI for which some degree of evidence on condom efficacy existed was syphilis, although this was hampered by the fact that at the time of the NIAID review, 11 syphilis prevalence in the population was at an historically low point.

Condoms were more likely to slip if lubricant was placed on the penis under the condom. For persons whose sexual behaviors place them at risk for STDs, correct and consistent use of the male latex condom can reduce the risk of STD transmission.

Although this study was amongst heterosexual couples, infection with HPV has been linked to elevated levels of anal cancer in HIV-positive gay men too. Therefore questions of condom efficacy have to be addressed and misapprehensions corrected.