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Discover the world with us! The study, by UCLA assistant professor Kerri Johnson, found that observers were able to accurately guess the sexual orientation of men 60 percent of the time — almost a coin toss; with women, their guesses didn't exceed chance.

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The study was intended to reveal information about the perception of the observer, but has been misinterpreted as conveying reliable information about the sexual orientation of the participants.

Who knows, a great trip could be the beginning of a serious relationship!

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Share your passion for your home with someone new. Gender-specific body movements are not reliably associated with a person's sexual orientation; [21] this is true of face shape, [22] but surprisingly not for voices, [23] even though people think they are associated with a person's sexual orientation.

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People's judgments were no more accurate when they had more time to make their judgments. Cox and his colleagues proposed that "gaydar" is simply an alternate label for using LGBT stereotypes to infer orientation e. This let the user know that a like-minded person was nearby.

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Later studies have repeated this finding [8] and have even shown that home videos of children can be used to judge accurately their sexual orientation later in life. Yec can solve both those problems for you!

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Good company makes your journey unforgettable. Our goal is to connect gay people with similar interests who wish to travel while meeting new guys.

A later study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology showed that people could judge sexual orientation more accurately than chance.

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Be a hospitable tour guide and show your native town to friends! The team of like-minded travelers - Yec.

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Have a blast exploring the world for free!