Hook-Up Dos And Don'ts. Hook-Up Dos And Don'ts.

Hook up dos and donts, you might like

Be honest with yourself and your partner.

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People drink until they pass out, wake up with penis drawn across their forehead and spend the next day puking their guts out while they plan an alternate route to class so they can avoid the guy they played tonsil hockey with all night. The key to remember is that this is not a relationship.

Were you serious last night?

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Ever accidentally sprayed insect repellent on a cut? If you do choose to have sex in a public place, try not to isolate yourself with your sex-partner so far away from others that you cannot call for help if needed. And so they continue to do what they do, and we continue to be victimized and keep it under wraps.

And that is totally fine. Always make note of the route you took to get there.

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You do not have to tell your friends. We hope that these tips can help you get it on in the best way possible with the best person possible. You have a right to give and get consent for any legal behavior without being harmed.

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If you feel uncomfortable, leave. The shame felt after being the victim on this type of crime is rough enough.

This is not another article about online dating.

Tomorrow your profile picture will be you licking a potted plant, no biggie. If you are feeling more adventurous, hold your partner in your arms while she hugs your hips with her legs.

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Where will the hook-up occur? And more importantly, those smiles and hellos keep the hook-up express lane open for business should you want a repeat encounter.

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Have a telephone in plain sight and make sure it is fully charged. This is only going to earn you a nasty label and a reputation for stealing all the male prospects. Be as spontaneous as possible.