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Kpop celebrity dating news, all the best to these lovebirds.

The rumors of K-Pop stars' romance always receive attention from people. Not all of K-Pop idols. The couple met through actress Han Seol Ah and became close soon after.

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Some idols maintain friendship with stylists to know other idol stars' phone number. After being mixed up in the scandal, IU has been annoyed by public criticism. Sometimes, there is a 'Love Broker' who hooks male and female idols up. Actually, a fair number of Kpop stars date somebody in the same field because they do not have enough time to meet all sorts of people.

Here's one more secret about K-Pop stars' love.

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The official announcement was made on December 8, They are in their 20s, right at the peak of their vigor. There are some famous matchmakers in K-Pop world who belong to large entertainment companies.

There are also K-Pop stars who date trainees of their own agencies who are approachable and familiar with themselves. Most of the K-Pop agencies do not want its artists to date somebody because the stars' pure and innocent image can be damaged Especially in the case of female idols.

Who's announcement was most surprising? We wish them happy relationships and futures together. I hope that they have a happy, loving marriage!

Even though the lovers are spotted by media outlets or ordinary people, the agency try to cover it up. But it is true.

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For this reason, idols try to have romantic relationship with their colleagues very secretly even unbeknownst to the agencies. Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah The two met while being endorsement models for the fashion brand Giordano together and had been secretly dating for about two months before being caught by Dispatch.

After going public with their love, it was soon announced that the couple are to get married in after dating for over 3 years. As a matchmaker, the broker also help the lovers meet at a secret place.

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Myers briggs based dating site this, they had not officially announced their relationship to the public until June of this year after being caught on a date together in Sydney, Australia.

Boys and girls exchange eyes and smiles. Congratulations to all of these couples on finding love!

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Despite this, an official announcement was not made about their relationship until July of this year after images of them leaving the Incheon International Airport were leaked on the internet 9. Ah, don't misunderstand me. Who do you think is the cutest couple? As you can see from Super Junior Eunhyuk and IU's case, scandal is often fatal to female star, not male star.

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