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One scholar, McKane, exaggerates the link between jealousy and offspring by asserting that the purpose of the biblical text is to resolve cases of doubtful paternity: In no time at all you will have many new acquaintances, each of whom is a new possibility for friendship and romance.

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If the writer meant bastard in the sense of someone born of an adulterous relationship, then unquestionably, the appointment of Aaron's sons to the priesthood was inconsistent with Yahweh's decree that "bastards" would be banned from the assembly "even unto ten generations.

No Ammonite or Moabite shall be admitted to the assembly of the Lord.

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Doddridge meant by the words a spurious race degenerated, and it is also clear that Dr. Either reason is equally disturbing. So we find age-old agreement between the Latin and the Greek.

Thus, the words that we need to define in order to determine the correct translation of Exodus In fact, it may be stated that their theology is little more than a justification system for the breaking of this divine law of God.

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Where jewish law considers a "bastard", or the offspring unmarried parents, to be a "mamzer", Israelite law has no such provision and in fact does NOT prohibit them from entering the congregation of the LORD. It's an intentionally misleading and inflammatory statement.

The only other possibility is that the Bible contradicts itself. Not only would the restriction on descendants of mamzers have disqualified him from entering the assembly, but the same passage specified that Moabites and their descendants "shall not enter into the assembly of Yahweh, even to the tenth generation" Dt.

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Now let us note that Kittel was a well-renowned German Greek scholar and is held in high-esteem by the scholarly community.

Also importantly, we see very clearly that the specific Biblical definition of nothos is cross-breeding or mongrelization.

So now that we have defined the Greek, what about the Latin Vulgate? The Greek word ou and the Latin word non are simply negative particles, translated not.

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The older Halakah, however, was more rigorous, Akiba declaring any child of a forbidden connection a mamzer Yeb. Scholarship offers us three choices: The hands of a man were under their wings on their four sides; and each of the four had faces and wings.