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After watching the ending, questions marks were flying in my head.

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Joon-sang then transfers to the high school where Yoo-jin Choi Ji-woo studies. Her father is obsessed with the formalities of the father-daughter relationship, such as insistence on deferential tone.

It was refreshing to see him back on the small google box after seeing him in so many big movie projects.

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Another actress Kim Tae-hee, who plays the evil Yuri, failed to impress with her bad-girl impersonation. Characters seems stereotypical at first glance, and actually trick the audience with the usual set-up of the genre boy 1 likes girl 2, girl 1 is pissed at girl 2 because she loves boy 1, dysfunctional families galore, and so onbut emerge from that set-up as multidimensional and realistic.

And, the most important thing, it's successful in hitting the right notes. Particularly of note are Chae-kyung's bumpkin family and her wacky trio of friends -- the characters that add the greatest comic effect to the show.

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She isn't really overweight, just a normal Korean woman instead of a supermodel, and her appeal to men is more realistic than surprising. Bright Girl also benefits from good supporting performances.

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He makes new friends, makes his parents' life meaningful again, and why not, he lets people who love him enter his life. However, the audience can expect a more tense atmosphere with each episode. My guess would be that the PD would want the audience to comprehend it at their own discretion.

This page is devoted to providing some subjective reviews of the better-known dramas.

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A couple of entertaining anecdotes then happen between the two protagonists and through these incidents, they grow to like each other. But, even more surprising, Gi-tae seems to slowly warm up to her.