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At Athens, the name used was that of the Eponymous Archonand as an almost complete list of these has been drawn up from inscriptions and other sources, this means of dating is quite satisfactory. Inscriptions commemorative of victories or other great events were only in exceptional cases erected upon the spot; more often such memorials were set up in some great religious centre such as Delphi or Olympia.

An important class of inscriptions are the legends on coins; these were struck from the die.

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In Egypt, inscriptions were often inscribed or painted upon inner walls of tombs, whether they referred to religious belief or ritual, or to the honours and possessions of the deceased; they were intended for his benefit and convenience rather than for the information of others, so as to perpetuate his familiar surroundings, not to make him live in the memory of his successors.

Many other kinds of stone, both hard and soft, were often used, especially crystalline limestoneswhich do not easily take a smooth surface, and which, therefore, are often difficult to decipher, owing to accidental marks or roughness of the material.

In other cases, where there is an evident relation Proxenia dating the artistic representation and the inscription, the figures are subordinate and seem merely to illustrate the text, as when a treaty between Athens and Samos has a relief at its head representing the goddess Athena and Hera clasping hands, as representatives of their respective cities.

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But boundary stones were necessarily placed on the line which they defined. Proxeny or proxenia Greek: Greek epigraphy has unfolded in the hands of a different team, with different corpora.

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Most frequently the slabs of marble stelaestone metal or other material upon which the inscriptions were incised were set up in convenient positions to be read, in any places of public resort.

In later times, the dating is commonly by "Indiction"; but as this only gives the number of the year within the year period, but leaves that period undefined, such dating is very inconvenient except for merely temporary use.

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In Egypt and Mesopotamia hard stones were frequently used for the purpose, and the inscriptions are therefore well preserved and easy to read. In the 3rd century and later it becomes common to introduce apices or ornamental ends to the strokes, a custom which prevails to the present day in our ordinary capital letters.

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The walls of buildings are often covered with such inscriptions, especially if they are in a conspicuous or convenient position, and so offer an obvious means of publicity.

Maximi anus leg atus leg ionis II Ad iutricis cur avit f aciendum Done by Legionaries of the Augustus victorious army, who are stationed in Laugaricio. Only advanced students still consult it, for better editions of the texts have superseded it.

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The custom of putting inscriptions in Greek and in Latin on buildings and other monuments continued through medieval times, and is still customary, classical forms being frequently imitated.

The proxeny decreeswhich amount to letters of patent and resolutions of appreciation were issued by one state to a citizen of another for service as proxenos, a kind of honorary consul looking after the interests of the other state's citizens.

Some believe this was modified and adopted by the Greeks at an uncertain date; the earliest Greek inscriptions are generally dated in the 7th century BC. But in the case of owners' marks or names cut on vases or other objects, or of the dedication of such objects, the inscription is not necessarily contemporary; it may indeed be misleading, as in the case, mentioned with disapproval by Ciceroof using again old Greek statues and placing new dedicatory inscriptions on them in Roman times, a sort of "recycling": It is still a matter of dispute whether the Phoenician was derived from the Egyptian.

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Christian inscriptions sometimes begin with a cross, which doubtless had a symbolic meaning; and a leaf or other device was often placed at the end. It is possible that some of these linear forms may not be derived from hieroglyphs, but from purely conventional geometrical forms.

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Some inscriptions are Singles around me local dating great length, the longest, a statement of accounts of the temple at Delosunder Athenian administration, being nearly half as long as a book of Thucydides ; and many other inscriptions approach this in length.