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Not sure if that chart was fixed, though. The ever important serial number which some companies keep detailed records of unfortunately does not exist in the history of drums. Rogers Anyplace TV app downloadable Rogers dating guide applicable app stores. In most cases the best way to estimate the date of a drum is its physical characteristics.

To make matters worse, in that same column there is Holiday mixed with Spotlite, for example. Holiday, Tower, Mercury, Powertone, Dynasonic etc. If you have any Rogers questions the drum forum is the place to answer them. My Rogers account registration required.

Rental or purchase of digital box required. Data usage will apply towards your Internet plan being used to access the service. Rogers Vintage Drum History Please support this web site project and visit our special links pages for Ebay, Amazon and other music merchants online.

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Below you will find information for dating the serial numbers on Ludwig Drums. Live TV content selection is limited. I only put them in one location to make it easier for people to get the information.

Home Edition available for use by subscribers to Rogers tv and internet in Ontario where both accounts are consolidated. But to a beginner, it's very misleading. Even if a serial number badge does exist on a drum anomalies do occur and that is because the badges did not have an inventory control system.

Posted 29 March - Search our web sites! Standard roaming charges apply when not on the Rogers wireless network. I get emails all of the time with a basic drum description and a serial number from visitors in hopes I can unlock the history of their drum. Same type of Holiday drums, different set configuration: Fortunately drum companies since the 40's were good at printing catalogs.

For complete details visit www. That throws the date of the drum off!

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Rogers Drums are considered the best made drums in the 60's with the best quality control of any of the drum manufactureres of the time. Also if you wish to purchase vintage drums or new drum gear this is the place to go!

And, Spotlight was also the name of a layout which used Spotlight drums, confusing matters more. These catalogs although re-printed in some cases from year to year with limited changes do provide a timeline of when finishes were added and when hardware was used and or changed on drums.

Available in Canada with an internet connection.

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It is totally misleading. In the 60's Insurance companies made it mandatory that serial numbers be put on items so they can be documented.

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Content varies based on TV subscription, location where app is used, and type of connection Wi-Fi or Cellular. This happened with hardware and badges and these companies were competing in an ever aggressive market and Rogers dating guide to do what needed to be done to remain profitable.

Welcome to the Vintage Rogers Drum section of the web site. In fact I once heard that they started using serial numbers not for their own use per say but so schools and institutions could keep track Dating dark gay instruments in inventory.

With that said many drum companies never even used serial numbers early on.