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Giselle reaches behind her and guides him in, initiating another lustful coupling. Rising to her feet, the blonde leans forward against the wall as Lucas comes up Rotterdam hookup her and presses his body to hers.

Her positive reaction leads Lucas to snap a few shots of his beautiful photographer before taking a seat on a chair so Giselle can work some magic with her mouth.

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Things start off innocently enough, but as Giselle gets a glimpse of Logan's bare chest and Logan catches a peek of Giselle's breasts, they feel an undeniable attraction to one another. Her hand strokes his shaft while her lips suck his knob, creating a perfect storm that Lucas cannot resist.

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Licking, sucking, and even giving some judicious nibbles, Lucas follows Giselle's lead as she guides his face exactly where she wants him. E27 Giselle Palmer has brought Lucas Frost in for a photoshoot.

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She doesn't waste any time bobbing her head down as far as she can for a deep throat delight. Pulling her breasts out, Giselle presses the perky globes together while leaning in for a titty fuck.

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Unable to help himself, he drops to his knees and buries his face between her lithe thighs. Her sheer panties are all that's left when Giselle kicks off an impromptu lap dance. Rising to her feet, Giselle flings her blonde mane behind her as she swings her hips and slides her jeans down her hips.

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Logan saunters over to check out Giselle's shots, then slides his hand down to her ass to see how she reacts. Springing Lucas's stiffie free from his pants, Giselle leans in and starts sucking. She lifts one leg to shift the angle a bit, creating an even more delightful experience.

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The angle of penetration is just what Giselle needs to get off once again, leaving her whole body pulsing with orgasmic delight. When she hops off and relieves herself of her panties, Giselle's hairy pussy is on full display for Lucas's pleasure.

Another go with her hot little mouth leaves Lucas primed and ready to fuck as he reaches forward to squeeze Giselle's boob.

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When Lucas finally gets to his feet and gives Giselle the full thrust of his dick in her greedy snatch, she can't contain her moan of delight. He gives in to his baser urges, exploding all over Giselle's busty chest to cover her bigtit chest in a shower of cum.

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As her pussy throbs with remembered pleasure, Giselle gets on her knees before Lucas and resumes sucking. Her hips don't lie as she teases Lucas, and she quickly delivers on the promise of her sinuous dance by sliding her underwear aside and taking the tip of Lucas's fuck Chilean dating sites in her tight warmth.

Settling herself more thoroughly on Lucas's stiffie, Giselle reaches down to rub her clit as she Rotterdam hookup her hips to create delicious friction.

Reaching down once again to rub her own clit, Giselle carries herself to the edge of a big climax.