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Sagittarius woman and cancer man dating, sagittarius woman cancer man love compatibility

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Energetic, spontaneous and happy, the Sagittarius man and Sagittarius woman seem to have it all. Plus, your planet is "exalted" in Cancer, which means that he will always look up to you in some way or another.

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But spending time with the Sagittarius lady is never boring, and she brings happiness wherever she goes. I said I hope he feels better.

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I also have a Cancer man guide and Sagittarius woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. I loved that because I love adventurous guys. With little to stand in their way, then, Sagittarius man Sagittarius woman compatibility looks certain to run and run.

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Im a Cancer man myself. As far as I'm concern I give more credit to a guy that has the nerve to come up to me, then a hottie that thinks I will approach him.

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And I was with this Sagittarius for almost six years. For the Sagittarius man and Cancer woman, compatibility can be elusive at every turn.

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Yess I admit I think about our future and having kids specially twins cause that's what she wants. But I think that depends on your experiences in life, what you need from someone.

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And we have been working on it. This one is very special to me, a good man and old friend. He is very kind. Star Signs Compatibility Calculator.

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