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She is interested in seeing diverse stories and characters, including LGBTQ, in all genres that she represents. Then each editor or agent will sit at a 10 person table. She is a huge fan of psychological horror that blurs the lines between the real and the imagined.

Attendees can move to new tables every l8 minutes until 6: Nicki is drawn to memoir with a genuine voice that instantly connects with readers and takes them on a journey.

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You may also wish to practice your pitch on your fellow attendees—quietly—while you wait. When the hour is up you will leave the Room of the Dons out the front door.

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She seeks authors with unique, clear voices and looks for smart, tightly-written prose. She loves to see a personal project turn into something original and surprising, and is committed to the expansion of diversity and inclusivity in the publishing industry.

For the first 30 minutes, each publishing professional will introduce himself or herself for 2 minutes. She looks for visceral writing, amazing world-building, relentless pacing, and characters that jump off the page.

Then all nine attendees will move to another table and meet another Publishing Pro. Tell them what you will do to promote the book.

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The nine attendees at the table each will have one minute to ask a question and then receive one minute of feedback. Visit her website, marycmoore. CK Webber Associates Website: It should have the impact of a novel.

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Stine for class, is the founder of CK Webber Associates. Always remember that all of the agents, editors and presenters are there to talk to you at breakfast, lunch, and during breaks. Go to their websites using the links on the presenters page to find their contact information.

Monica earned her Masters in Publishing: Amy came to the agency with a background in editing, writing, and marketing. If you want to sell a book to a big house, agents will want to hear a compelling title.

In young adult fiction, she has a particular fondness for coming-of-age stories that take a cue from classic literature. When the first bell rings, stop talking and let the agent speak. They need to know about the writing, media and professional experience that qualifies you to write your book.

There will be no advantage, since all Speed Dating attendees for that time slot will be let into the room at the same time. If they do not have a badge on, then please respect their privacy.

When you are not Speed Dating, you are encouraged to attend all the wonderful workshops that will be happening all morning or visit the onsite conference bookstore: Please remember to speak quietly while you are waiting in line, as the agents must be able to hear each pitch.

Also, if an agent wants to see your work or spend more time with you, you may be able to meet on Saturday or Sunday.

The San Francisco Writers Conference: A Look at the Event

Agents may want to read 11 year olds dating yahoo first page of a novel because they can tell immediately whether a writer can write and if they know how to start a novel.

Contact Us More About Speed Dating One of the things that makes our conference attendees most anxious—and one of the things they end up having the most fun with—is the Speed Dating with Agents event. Then on Sunday morning, the fun begins! Agents all work differently and will vary in what they want to hear.

You may wish to share these things with the agents, but do respect the agent if he or she chooses not to accept anything from you.

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She is eager to discover authors writing about somewhat unconventional protagonists with an imaginative slant on storytelling. She is interested in literary and commercial fiction as well as narrative nonfiction projects.

Fuse Literary Agency Website: