Destiny Won't Be Getting Raid Matchmaking, Here's Why Destiny Won't Be Getting Raid Matchmaking, Here's Why

Will there ever be matchmaking for raids in destiny. Seite wurde nicht gefunden. - proemtec

In all honesty, I do want to go to that tanker. The ranks of tourists are thinned. None of them seem capable of figuring out how to kill the Minotaurs charging the plates. The Destiny community, it turns out, is absolutely stuffed with lovely people.

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We do know that over half a million players have finished the raidand that number is growing every day. You have a mic so you can communicate. From your experience with Destiny can you guess why that might be?


It's not how do we change the raid-design philosophy to allow for matchmaking. It feels like an entirely different game — or perhaps a whole new level.

More reflections here on the potential of procedural generation and wide open worlds, as well as what Bungie feels they have done well in Rise of Iron and Destiny generally.

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I played The Division, a lot of us played it internally, and they did some really good things. This brings up an important point about the Iron Gjallarhorn — something of which everyone pre-ordering should be aware by now.

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Nevertheless, Bungie wants to address the game's lack of camaraderie and they're going to do so in a way that fits the nature of the game. I think we can all agree with what Cotton is saying here — feeling powerful, having unique and meaningful gear and weapon options, and being able to change up ours looks so that we can show off our achievements are all important to the community and have been from the beginning.

You run out of ammo trying to get the door open.

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That bunker on that hill! You have ammo packs. This is a really interesting exchange, because it suggests that Bungie is still looking at a lot of possibilities for handling certain things differently in the future — Destiny 2 and beyond.

Any new features Bungie wants to bring to the game at this point are much more likely to come at that point than before.

Is There Raid Matchmaking in Destiny 2?

Now imagine this actually happens. Not every weapon has changed, or anything like that, but lots of core mechanics to the game have completely changed or improved for the better. How nice it would be to just open up the navigation pane, select the raid, and wait a few minutes until you and five other strangers were thrown together and dropped down at the doors to the vault!

Once complete, those Guardians who pre-ordered will receive both versions of the weapon, while those who did not while get only the classic skin.

How Destiny 2 Is Changing Exotic Armor

We talk about this a lot. None of them have mics.

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That aside, it is an interesting point that so many of the weapons we see in Destiny take very familiar forms.

You have a level 30 weapon, and a void fusion rifle. What have you learnt the most from all the various controversies over the years?

Destiny 2 doesn't have raid matchmaking because Bungie want a “welcoming experience”.

One alone can solo the bosses, with luck, skill and maybe a bit of cheese. Are you looking to do this with me? None of them will listen to you. Casual players will probably continue to exist as if this news never entered their lives in the first place.

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Rise of Iron is just under 1 month away! Sometimes we include links to online retail stores.

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The Bungie forums, the Cnn hookup culture Subreddit, and gaming website comment threads are full of the same complaint repeated over and over again: They only have so many man hours in which to develop both new gameplay and new game features, so they have to prioritize for the greatest impact.

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